47, 48 Series

4700, 4800 Series

  • Aluminum Extensions up to 120′ for the 4730 and 4830 JD Series Sprayer.
  • We also offer Aluminum Extension replacements for 90′ and 100′ booms.
  • All extensions bolt on at the 60′ mark of your factory JD boom.
  • All of our extensions come with our patented Tri-Directional Breakaway System. (U.S. Patent no. 8,864,048)
  • We offer Stainless Steel plumbing along with fittings, nozzle bodies, and cleanouts.
  • Comes standard in 15″, 20″ High or Low volume. Other spacings can be accommodated.
  • Our upgraded design also offers Stainless hardline to carry the product to the plumbing. This creates a cleaner and leaner look cutting down on hoses as well as weight.
  • Transport Brackets along with Bumpers are part of the package with the Extensions.
  • We offer a highly durable two-part Powdercoat process on all of our products, or if you like how the aluminum looks we offer that as well.
  • Our hardware has a highly durable corrosion resistant coating that is proprietary to us.
  • Our Installer knows more about how to install and troubleshoot any problems you may have. He has worked in this industry for over 30 years and is glad to help out.