Sprayer Extension Accessories

Extension Products

Lift Assist Kit

Bolt-On Lift Assist Kit for booms with Y-drops

All parts supplied. No fabrication required

Stainless Steel Plumbing

Custom stainless steel plumbing to replace inner 60’ black poly

Replace fading, cracked, sagging plumbing at a lower cost

11″, 15″, 20″, 22″ 30″ spacing available

The tubes are laser processed ensuring a straight spray pattern from the first to last nozzle

Fittings for the tubes are machined in our facility on our CNC Lathe and tig welded on

Our Stainless plumbing is polished to a bright finish here in our facility on our round tube polisher

Nozzle Bodies

Nozzle Bodies

T-JET Nozzle Bodies

We are a distributor for T-JET nozzle bodies as well as tips.

Cleanout valves

We stock cleanout valves that make it easy to rinse the lines after spraying

Poly Fitting

We maintain a supply of Poly Fittings in our facility. These are included in the Stainless Plumbing kit