Metal Fabrication

Metal Fabrication

High Definition Plasma Table

7′ x 13′ table (will do 6′ x 12′ plate)

300 Amp Thermal Dynamics Power Source will burn up to 2″ steel, 1 3/4 Stainless, and 1 3/4 Aluminum.  The Aluminum burns with a secondary water mist that cleans the edge while burning so it is 100% weld ready.

HEMSAW 120 Vertical Bandsaw

The saw has 60 degrees of tilt in both directions and is equipped with a 48″ stroke feed table to automatically feed parts to within a .010″ tolerance. We are  able to bundle cut material as well.

Cincinnati Press Brake

400 ton 16′ Press Brake(12′ between the posts) equipped with a 4 way bottom die for quick tooling changes.

Pines Bender

We have multiple round and square tube dies. Call or send a print if you have questions.

Vibratory Finishers

Our Finishers are ran with ceramic media.

TimeSaver 300 Flat Polisher

26″ wide belt with the ability to polish up to 4″ square tube. We use it everyday to polish the plasma parts for our aluminum extensions.

Round Tube Polisher

We are able to polish up to 6″ round. This is what gives our Stainless Plumbing that bright sheen.